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Footwear must be comfortable, high quality and must make you feel good vibes.


Vulcanizados Ladi, SL (VUL.LADI), dates back to the 60´s, in Elche (Alicante) promoted by it´s founder, Eladio Vicente Palazón.From the very beginning it´s production was focus on the comfortable and quality shoes for wearing around the house.As time went by, the production has adapt to the market needs. Gradually we introduced casual footwear for all ages and children´s shoes for all different growth stages.Nowadays we have several fashionable models for all ages. In order to respond to the range of ages and sizes, we have a variety of season models, and now we export to countries as: France, Portugal, Belgium and Mexico.

Is very important for us to select the very best raw materials. A good material is not only the one with an aesthetic quality, it must also have the high conditions we never forget.

High quality materials (textiles and rubber for vulcanization) are selected from a great amount of dealers, then the materials are subjected to different quality tests, and so they are used in our manufacture process.

But not only raw materials make VULCANIZADOS LADI, our professionals expert hands and our installations make our production highly valued in the market, and also because of our deliveries and quality.

Finally, for us, the most important thing is our client satisfaction, because our work doesn´t finish when the client get the product. This is why we try to follow our product from our company to our clients home, and get as much information as possible and this way mend mistakes and get better day by day.